The search, preparation and evaluation of employees and employers are demanding with haste new techniques to accomplish the task, therefore; the professional in this field requires more efficiency and preparation, in such sense, the new name was established to reflect that reality. 

As an employment coordination company, we have been serving thousands of clients throughout South Florida uninterruptedly since its inception. We have a properly trained work group that can be considered innovative, because we are not only bilingual, but we have the updated technological means that La Media provides to perform our work, in other words, clients can be served either in person or using the current virtual media method of communication. Since three years ago the traditional recruitment programs in the company are reinforced with new ideas and work under the constant communication with the Employer and the Candidate; within these new avenues are:

  • Our participation in the Non-Immigrant Worker Visa Programs in close collaboration with prestigious entities; both in legal services as well as in hospitality and labor logistics in general, including professional fields.
  • Business consulting in the area of Economic Strategies; Business Plan, Economic Plans, to mention a few, as well as Human Resources itself.

Without boasting, we guarantee that this space is not enough to tell everything that covers the broad sense of the realization of our work, only the practice is the best way to judge it and so we say, although it places us in a much greater commitment than we have, but we are made to serve the public that deserves it. For more questions in this sense; join us in the journey through this page, subscribe to our programs that are informative and proven to be useful in making decisions by interested persons.


Omaira Reyes

Omaira is a founding member of the company, with a track record of more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources. In personnel selection tasks, her ability to merge the needs of the candidates, and the ability to guide them according to the labor conditions set forth by the employers, is what reveals her unique quality of being a leader. Daily reading and preparation are among the activities she prefers as a daily pastime.

Fidel A. Pablos

Fidel's vocation is Human Resources, and this has been helped by his experience as an active entrepreneur in Real Estate for more than 20 years, where he has held the State Real Estate Broker license for the last 15 years.

Fidel has also completed official studies in the field of Industrial Psychology, Law and professional negotiations, among others. Reading, music, aeronautics, golf, among other sports, are his favorite hobbies.

Gustavo Carpinelli
recruitment consultant

Gustavo es un miembro importante de nuestro grupo, ha trabajado con nosotros en RRHH por los últimos tres años. Como agente de mercadotécnica informativa con los candidatos, su entusiasmo, emprendimiento, disciplina, consistencia y proactividad en la realización de sus tareas, es visible y lo hace acreedor de una consideración muy especial dentro de la compañía.